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D Magazine

16 articles

A Changed Woman

A survivor of conversion therapy gets the wedding of her dreams.


The Black Widow

Sandra Bridewell, a Dallas socialite, and the people around her who keep dying.


This Internet Millionaire Has a New Deal For You

What happens after your goofy little company gets swallowed by Amazon.


The Exorcists Next Door

Marion and Larry Pollard live in the suburbs. They have eight grandkids and a terrier named Bella. They can also expel demons and save your soul.


The Professor and the Love Slave

The disturbing double life of a popular English teacher.


The Real Story of Lavabit's Founder

Meet Ladar Levison, Edward Snowden’s email provider.


Love and Loss in a Small Texas Town

On the deadly explosion in West, Texas.


The Legend of Chris Kyle

A profile of the deadliest sniper in American history, who was murdered last month by a fellow soldier.


The Most Amazing Bowling Story Ever

In a Plano bowling alley one night, Bill Fong came so close to perfection that it nearly killed him.


When Lois Pearson Started Fighting Back

For 12 days she was tortured and raped by a former neighbor, who strung her up on a deer-skinning device. On the fourth day, she forgave him.


Dallas DA Craig Watkins on Witnessing His First Execution

An interview:
Watkins: And then, all of a sudden, you notice that it appears that he is falling asleep and gasping for air—like he is snoring, basically. You could classify it as snoring or as gasping for air. You see his chest moving, and then I guess very quickly—maybe two minutes in—his chest stops moving. And we stand there, I guess, for another 10 minutes, and everybody is just kind of standing there. D Magazine: In total silence? Watkins: No one’s talking. No one’s saying anything. And then you notice that the condemned, he starts to turn this bluish color. So I guess that’s when all his functions have stopped. And then a doctor walks in and takes his vital signs and announces that the person is—he looks at the clock and announces, “The person died at 6:22.” And then they open the door and we all walk out.

How First Baptist's Robert Jeffress Ordained Himself to Lead America

Before I met Robert Jeffress, I wanted to hate him. Jeffress is the conservative preacher who made national headlines in October, when he called Mormonism a cult. He’s the senior pastor at First Baptist Dallas, the oldest megachurch in America, and I am certainly not a Baptist. He endorsed Rick Perry for president, and I’m definitely no fan of Perry’s. As a matter of fact, Robert Jeffress and I probably disagree on every major political and religious issue. And yet, I really, really like him.

The ESD Sex Scandal

When an exclusive private school discovered a teacher was sleeping with his 17-year old student, administrators did their best to make the problem vanish.


Could You Forgive the Man Who Shot You in the Face?

In the days after 9/11, Mark Stroman went on a revenge killing spree in Texas. Rais Bhuiyan survived and, a decade later, tried to stop Stroman’s execution.


Why I Stole a Televangelist's Safe

As a teenager, Trey Smith snuck into the cash- and porn-filled home vault of his friend’s father. Fifteen years later, he told the story from prison.


How Barrett Brown Helped Overthrow Tunisia's Government

The closest thing that the international network of hackers Anonymous has to an organizer lives in a 378 sq. ft apartment in Dallas and, at the time of this interview, was on his fourth day of opiate withdrawal.