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ESPN the Magazine

9 articles

Jerry Football

A profile of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.


You Can't Quit Cold Turkey

Jared Lorenzen was a star quarterback in college. He won a Super Bowl. And just like the author, he has spent his entire life fighting, and losing, a battle with his weight.


While The World Watched

The World Cup and Argentina’s “Dirty War.”


Just Cheer, Baby

The cheerleader who sued the Raiders for failure to pay minimum wage.


Out Route

The bleak final season of Tony Gonzalez’s Hall of Fame career.


In the Beginning, There Was a Nipple

How Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction, all nine-sixteenths of a second of it, changed TV, the internet, and American culture.


When 772 Pitches Isn't Enough

The fate of a star 16-year-old pitcher in Japan.


You Can Only Hope to Contain Them

On having breasts and playing sports.


Angel Wings

An oral history of a murdered prep basketball star.

"All I can think is how narrow the drive-through is and how it's full of exhaust and grease and the vent where the air blows out and how they couldn't move, couldn't go backward or forward 'cause there were five LAPD cars and how Tenerife must have been trying to call me. Trying. I just took two more. I know I had some wine. I don't care."