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My Last JDate

“At 54, after 30 years of marriage and two of loneliness, I went online to find a man and found Dean.”

A three-part essay on love, loss, and what comes in between.


My Right to Die

A personal and legal history of assisted suicide.


Playing for Time

A father, his dying son, and the quest to make the most profound video game ever.

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When I Die

A doctor who helped pioneer Oregon’s Death With Dignity law receives his own terminal diagnosis.


Worth the Risk?

Morcellation was supposed to make gynecological surgeries easier on women. Instead, is it killing them.


The Death of Patient Zero

Personalized medicine may one day deliver routine medical miracles. But it wasn’t ready in time for Stephanie Lee.


A General Feeling of Disorder

A treatment for liver cancer gives the writer a fresh perspective on illness – and wellness.


A Story of Perseverance

How ESPN anchor Stuart Scott battled cancer.


A Matter of Life and Death

With a brutal cancer prognosis, a woman learns to live on borrowed time.

Winner of the 2006 National Magazine award for essays and criticism.

Host in the Shell

Immune systems don’t make for clean narratives, even as we expect them to keep us pure.


Where We Must Be

A woman's life is complicated by a sick lover and a job playing Bigfoot.

"I wait for the woman to relax, watching for the instant when she begins to think: maybe there won’t be a monster after all. I can always tell when this thought arrives. First their posture goes soft. Then their expression changes from confused to relieved to disappointed. More than anything, the ambush is about waiting the customer out. I struggle to stay in character during these quiet moments; it’s tempting to consider my own life and worries, but when the time comes to attack, it will only be believable if I’ve been living with Bigfoot’s loneliness and desires for at least an hour."