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Encounter With the Infinite

In search of Ramanujan in India.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Toroid"

On mathematical shapes and family ruptures.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Delivery"

A pizza deliverer/calculus whiz becomes involved in the lives of two unstable college students.

"I licked my thumb, outside, by the car, and ran it over the suction cups, before I slapped the marquee to the top of my cobalt blue Toyota. The pizzas were already sitting in the passenger seat, cardboard mouths smiling. I was conscious, despite Walter’s assertion, that I was operating under the tick of a clock, an invisible, indefinite deadline. Really, we all are. But no one realizes how soon it’s coming."


Shattered Genius

The author attempts to interview Grigori Perelman, a reclusive mathematical genius.


The Genius Who Lives Downstairs

Excerpted from the author’s biography of mathematician Simon Phillips Norton.