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14 articles

Get Rich or Die Shilling

The business of being Pitbull.


A ‘Band-Aid’ for 800 Children

A profile of Nora Sandigo, guardian to hundreds of kids born in America to illegal immigrants.


Covering the Cops

A profile of Edna Buchanan, a Pulitzer Prize-winning crime reporter for the Miami Herald during its heyday.


Goodbye, Miami

How the city will drown.


From Porky's to Hell

How Tony Galeota went from mobbed-up teen on Long Island to legendary strip club manager in Miami to distraught prisoner in a Panamanian jail.


All This Light

A profile of Chan ‘Cat Power’ Marshall adrift in Miami.


Renegade Miami Football Booster Spells Out Illicit Benefits to Players

An 11-month investigation ends with a booster, now in prison for a Ponzi scheme, going public with details of how he spent millions on college athletes from 2002 to 2010.

[Shapiro] said his benefits to athletes included but were not limited to cash, prostitutes, entertainment in his multimillion-dollar homes and yacht, paid trips to high-end restaurants and nightclubs, jewelry, bounties for on-field play including bounties for injuring opposing players, travel and, on one occasion, an abortion.


The Talent Trap

The inner workings of a high school basketball team stacked with international talent.


The Stoner Arms Dealers

Working with nothing but an Internet connection, a couple of cellphones and a steady supply of weed, the two friends — one with a few college credits, the other a high school dropout — had beaten out Fortune 500 giants like General Dynamics to score the huge arms contract.


Mayhem and Murder Rule at This Little Strip Club

The decades-long saga of Miami’s Take Once Cocktail Lounge, where you might get shot, your money will definitely be laundered, and everybody will know your name.


The King and I

Brian Windhorst was one of the first reporters to cover LeBron James. He was there in high school. There at the draft. There in Cleveland. And now he’s there in Miami, though the relationship is far from what it used to be.


The Killer’s Trail

The many identities of Andrew Cunanan, Versace’s murderer.


America’s Cocaine King

It took a desperate screenwriter to find Max Mermelstein, Miami’s former coke overlord, after twenty-five years in hiding.


Myths Over Miami

God has fled, avenging angels hide out in the Everglades, and more “secret stories” passed down by homeless kids in Miami shelters.