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In Conversation: Michael Bloomberg

“Will you show me all of the man-in-the-street, sympathetic, mayoral candidates? The last time I met one of them on the subway was a long time ago. Let’s not get too carried away.”


After Bloomberg

What kind of New York is Mayor Mike leaving behind?


The Un-Communicator

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, profiled.


How Bloomberg Does Business

A look at the legislative lobbying efforts of Michael Bloomberg’s $7 billion-per-year company. While the mayor has no specific day-to-day role at Bloomberg LP, he maintains “the type of involvement that he believes is consistent with his being the majority shareholder.”


What Calls to 311 Reveal About New York

Yes, 311 helped solve the mysterious case of the maple syrup smell. But with the data from more than 100 million calls, it’s primed to explain far more.