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rock and roll

11 articles

Huey Lewis's Old, Weird America

On the county fair and casino circuit with Huey Lewis, who at 61 is “part of a select fraternity of musicians who can draw a couple thousand people in dozens (if not hundreds) of middle-American towns … scattered throughout the country.”


Our Band Could Be Your Band

How the Brooklynization of culture killed regional music scenes.


The Beach Boys’ Crazy Summer

On tour with America’s first 50-year-old rock band.


Up All Night With Amy Winehouse

A profile of the late singer.


Patti Smith Interviewed by Thurston Moore

TM The only other time I saw you was in Bleecker Bob’s in the ‘70s. You walked in eating pizza and wearing aviator glasses and Bleecker Bob showed you an Ian Dury picture sleeve and you said, “I don’t listen to music by people I don’t wanna fuck.” PS (laughter) Yeah, that was me.

Falling Comet

The rise and fall of “Rock Around the Clock” singer Bill Haley.


This Is It: Ten Years of the Strokes

An oral history of the Strokes.


The Final Comeback of Axl Rose

Four years after a disastrous MTV performance had led him to avoid the public, Rose was back on stage.


Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page & Rock Magic

In this profile of the band, William Burroughs is interested in two things: big-time rock shows and random conversational tangents.


Orientalist Party Music

In the early 1960s, Middle Eastern guys in Brooklyn introduced America to Arabic rock-and-roll.