2011 National Magazine Awards Finalists: Feature Writing

As announced today.

  1. The Wrong Man (David Freed, The Atlantic)On the man wrongfully accused of the 2001 anthrax attacks.

  2. The Suicide Catcher (Michael Paterniti, GQ)On the angel who saves jumpers on an infamous bridge in China.

  3. The End (Ben Ehrenreich, Los Angeles)Death in L.A. can be an odd undertaking.

  4. The Mark of a Masterpiece (David Grann, New Yorker)The man who keeps finding famous fingerprints on uncelebrated works of art.

  5. For Us Surrender Is Out of the Question(Mac McClelland, Mother Jones)The young men who risk life and limb to document Burma’s genocide.

2011 National Magazine Awards Finalists: Reporting

As announced today.

  1. The Guantánamo “Suicides” (Scott Horton, Harper’s)A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle.

  2. Is Yemen the Next Afghanistan?(Robert F. Worth, NYT Magazine)

  3. Covert Operations (Jane Mayer, New Yorker)The billionaire Koch brothers’ war against Obama

  4. The Runaway General (Michael Hastings, Rolling Stone)The profile that got Stanley McChrystal fired

  5. Digging Out (Elliot D. Woods, VQR)Afghans’ best hope for their future might be right under their feet.

2011 National Magazine Awards Finalists: Public Interest

As announced today.

  1. “God Help You, You’re on Dialysis”(Robin Fields, ProPublica)Why do one in four people on dialysis die?

  2. Letting Go (Atul Gawande, New Yorker)What should medicine do when it can’t save your life?

  3. What’s the Catch? (Bruce Barcott, On Earth)Sustainable fishing in the Bering Sea.

  4. Innocence Lost (Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly)The story of Anthony Graves, an innocent man behind bars for nearly 20 years.

  5. Innocence Found (Pamela Colloff, Texas Monthly)How Anthony Graves found freedom.