How Podcasting Is Reshaping Broadcasting

"One of the nice things about audio is that you can actually multitask quite well with it. In some ways, there are people listening who aren’t necessarily stopping doing some of the other things they were doing. They might be exercising, commuting, or even reading while they’re listening."

The Case for Web Literacy

A conversation with Douglas Rushkoff, whose goal is to foster a deeper awareness among consumers of digital media.

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“The whole reason to have a media-literate population is so that people can tell the difference between genuine connectivity and mediated or manufactured connectivity. Most people can’t.”

The Mobile Future of Cartoons

A conversation with Fred Seibert, who helped launch the Cartoon Network, co-created Nick at Nite, ran Hanna-Barbera and is now behind a YouTube animation behemoth with 17 million subscribers.</p>

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“We don’t meander at the beginning of the story, making the assumption that people will just hang out with us. When we produced the latest episodes of Bee and PuppyCat, we didn’t have a theme song, which is how TV cartoons open. We just started the story.”