Just Desserts

Sandy Jenkins was a shy, daydreaming accountant at the Texas headquarters of Collin Street Bakery, the world’s most famous fruitcake company. He was tired of feeling invisible, so he started stealing — and got a little carried away.

The Outcast

For almost 20 years, Greg Torti has lived the life of a convicted sex offender—carrying a blue ID card with him at all times, avoiding schools and parks, living on the outskirts of town. It’s a just punishment for the crime, he says. It’s just that he didn’t commit it.

The Murders at the Lake

In the summer of 1982, three Waco teenagers were savagely murdered for no apparent reason. Four men were ultimately charged with the crime. One was executed, two others were given life sentences, and a fourth was sent to death row only to be released after six years. They all may have been innocent.

A Murder in Waurika

Two reports, twelve years apart, on the killing of a high school cheerleader in a small Oklahoma town and its aftermath.

  1. A Bend in the River

    How the body of 16-year-old Heather Rich ended up in Belknap Creek and how the cops found the boys who put it there.

  2. A Question of Mercy

    [sub req'd] More than fifteen years after prosecuting Rich's killers, a district attorney has second thoughts about one of the defendants.