How Does a 10-Year-Old Boy End Up Hanging to Death?

A tragic suicide from 1989 may have been something even more sinister.

  1. Hanging

    The mysterious case of the boy in the barn.

  2. Presuming

    Fellow deputies and the questions not asked.

  3. Connecting

    How suspicions passed from woman to woman.

  4. Confronting

    A quest to ask K.W. the hard questions, at last.

  5. Hurting

    Who abused Josh Klaver – and who know about it?

  6. Reckoning

    A closed case, a search for peace.

Nubia: the Life, Death of an Abused Child

Jorge and Carmen Barahona are awaiting trial. Both are charged with murder. The Department of Children & Families, which received numerous calls about Nubia to its child abuse hot line but did not protect her, has been flagellated for failure to do its job. That is the story of Nubia Barahona’s death. This — from voluminous court records, audio recordings, hundreds of family photos released by prosecutors, interviews and DCF documents — is the story of her life.