Wow. ClickHole.

A trip to the writers’ room of The Onion spinoff, which started as a BuzzFeed parody but has morphed into something else: “the institutional voice of the Internet.”

The New Glenn Beck

He has a staff of 300. His website gets more traffic than Gawker and has 300,000 paying subscribers. He has a clothing line, a string of bestselling books, a movie studio and a radio show syndicated on 400 stations. A profile of Glenn Beck, mogul.

The BBC Report

A 9-part series on the past, present and future of the BBC.

  1. What Can the Origins of the BBC Tell Us About Its Future?

  2. The BBC: There to Inform, Educate, Provoke and Enrage?

  3. From David Kelly to Jimmy Savile, How Does the BBC Deal with a Crisis?

  4. The Big Beasts Who Shaped the BBC

  5. The BBC Informs, Educates and Entertains – But in What Order?

  6. The BBC: How the Voice of an Empire Became Part of an Evolving World

  7. BBC’s Long Struggle to Present the Facts Without Fear or Favour

  8. BBC Looks Beyond the Walled Garden in a Changing Media World

  9. The Future of the BBC: You Either Believe in It or You Don't