Rajneeshees in Oregon: The Untold Story

Twenty-five years ago, a guru from India showed up in rural Oregon with 2,000 followers. Here’s what happened next: they legally turned their multi-million dollar ranch into an incorporated city, imported homeless people to swing local votes, poisoned hundreds and attempted to assassinate the state’s U.S. attorney.

  1. Part 1: 25 Years After Rajneeshee Commune Collapsed, Truth Spills Out

  2. Part 2: Thwarted Rajneeshee Leaders Attack Enemies, Neighbors with Poison

  3. Part 3: Rajneeshee Leaders Take Revenge on The Dalles’ with Poison, Homeless

  4. Part 4: Rajneeshee Leaders See Enemies Everywhere as Questions Compound

  5. Part 5: Rajneeshees’ Utopian Dreams Collapse as Talks Turn to Murder

2011 Pulitzer Prize: International Reporting: Above the Law

On Russia’s faltering justice system.

  1. Part 1: Intimidating the MessengersJournalists, Fighting Graft, Pay in Blood

  2. Part II: The Czar’s EyeRussia Turns a Deaf Ear as Killing Cries for Justice

  3. Part III: Resort of the EliteRussian Mayor Irks Security Agency, and Suffers

  4. Part IV: On the TakeVideos Rouse Russian Anger Toward Police

  5. Part V: Unlikely PartnersRussia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent

  6. Part VI: Prosecutors’ Upper HandIn Russia, Jury Is Something to Work Around

  7. Part VII: Hampered ElectionsIn Siberia Race, Ruling Party Uses Clenched Fist

  8. Part VIII: A Search for AnswersAfter Russian Death, Inquiry Doors Open and Shut

  9. Part IX: An Official’s Long ReachIn Russia, an Advocate Is Killed, and an Accuser Tried