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Oxford American

23 articles

Excarnation in Texas

Meet the people decomposing on a body farm.


Guitar Drag

The author reflects on a ballad of racial injustice.


Mystic Nights

The making of Blonde on Blonde in Nashville.


Scout's Honor

A former Eagle Scout attends the National Boy Scout Jamboree, aka Jambo, held at a brand-new, $100 million scouting wonderland called The Summit.


Old Terror, New Hearts

A trip to a Louisiana leper colony.


Hail Dayton

The legacy of the Scopes trial on one Tennesse town.


Love and Death in the Cape Fear Serpentarium

Some passions are more dangerous than others.


Fire Behavior

What really happened in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion?


That Chop on the Upbeat

Investigating ska’s moment of conception.


Dear Charlie

The rocky career and enduring appeal of country legend Charlie Rich, “the missing link between Elvis Presley and Ray Charles.”


Carl the Raping Goat Saves Christmas

A Southern defense attorney's complicated family Christmas, told through the point of view of his child.

"Every Christmas Daddy throws a 'Taking the Christ Out of Christmas' party and invites everybody. Everybody loves my Daddy except for a small percentage that want to take their revenge, so it's lots of people, old clients, other criminal defense attorneys, Rey Mason from the feed store, everybody. No Jesus cause it makes Daddy angry and both his hands already broke."


Long Way Home

Memories of her father and her time in Tennessee.


Make It Scream, Make It Burn

An analysis of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and Cotton Tenants, the original manuscript.


The Secret Life of Nuns

What prompts a woman to exit society and marry God? Inside a modern convent in Texas.


Death of a Building

A historic Little Rock building and its owner, before and after a catastrophic fire.


Fog Count

What prison does to a man.


The Sometimes-Picayune

“Has anybody in Westchester County ever called the New York Times his or her ‘friend’? I realize that the rest of America, in its post-Katrina fatigue, is pretty tired of hearing New Orleanians, the city’s acolytes and defenders, always carrying on about how it’s the most unique city in America, but, the fact is, it is. Get over it.

And so, too, is its newspaper.”


Diary of a Mad Fact-Checker

On “soldiers for credibility” and the tug of war over truth.


Church Is Wherever You Are

An essay on televangelists and a missing mother.


Chris Bell: That Don't Get Him Back Again

Listening to the Big Star songwriter, who left the group before dying in a solo car crash at 27.

His voice, on the recordings, is too sensitive. That's meant not as an aesthetic judgment. It wasn't too sensitive for the material, in other words. It was too sensitive for life. You listen to him sing, closely, and if you don't know another thing about what happened to him, you know that the guy with that voice is not going to last.


All We Read Is Freaks

Teaching Emily Dickinson at Santa Fe Community College in Gainesville, Florida.


Feet in Smoke

An essay about the weeks after the author’s brother nearly died.


The Red and the Black

An essay on African-American Republicans.