A 55-year-old cold case ends with a conviction. But was justice really served?

  1. A Child Vanishes

    Playing outside after dinner, best friends Kathy and Maria meet a man calling himself “Johnny.” Kathy runs home to grab mittens; upon her return, her 7-year-old friend and the stranger are nowhere to be found.

  2. Women Wronged

    The story of Jack McCullough, once known as John Tessier, a man who once lived near Kathy and Maria and has a troubling history of abusing women.

  3. Bulldogs on the Case

    Police zero in on McCullough after a deathbed confession.

  4. 'That's Him'

    Half a century after her friend was abducted, Kathy identifies the man who took Maria.

  5. The Whole Truth?

    Jack McCullough is convicted of Maria’s kidnapping and murder, but questions are raised about the evidence (or lack thereof) presented at trial.

Iraq's Baby Noor

Born with spina bifida, Noor al-Zahra Haider entered the media spotlight in 2005 after U.S. troops arranged her life-saving surgery in America. This is what happened when she returned to Iraq.

Slavery's Last Stronghold

An investigation into slavery in Mauritania:

An estimated 10% to 20% of Mauritania’s 3.4 million people are enslaved — in “real slavery,” according to the United Nations’ special rapporteur on contemporary forms of slavery, Gulnara Shahinian. If that’s not unbelievable enough, consider that Mauritania was the last country in the world to abolish slavery. That happened in 1981, nearly 120 years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in the United States. It wasn’t until five years ago, in 2007, that Mauritania passed a law that criminalized the act of owning another person. So far, only one case has been successfully prosecuted.