2011 Pulitzer Prize: Investigative Reporting: Weak Insurers Put Millions of Floridians at Risk

Despite no hurricanes in five years, Florida insurers are demanding yet more money from homeowners. At the same time, the capital that insurers have on hand to pay claims has shrunk. One reporter spent a year trying to figure out why.

  1. Weak Insurers Put Floridians at Risk

  2. How Insurers Make Millions on the Side

  3. Regulators Take a Gamble on Discount Insurance

  4. Property Insurers Sending Billions Overseas

  5. Florida Insurers Rely on Dubious Storm Model

  6. How State Farm Cashed in on a Crisis

  7. No Hurricanes, but Bigger Insurance Bills

2011 Pulitzer Prize: National Reporting: The Wall Street Money Machine

A series on how some Wall Street bankers, seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of their clients and sometimes even their own firms, at first delayed but then worsened the financial crisis.

  1. The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble Going

  2. The ‘Subsidy’: How a Handful of Merrill Lynch Bankers Helped Blow Up Their Own Firm

  3. Banks’ Self-Dealing Super-Charged Financial Crisis

2011 Pulitzer Prize: Explanatory Reporting: One in a Billion: A Boy's Life, a Medical Mystery

Nicholas Volker is a little boy with a rare, devastating disease. In a desperate bid to save his life, Wisconsin doctors must decide: Is it time to push medicine’s frontier?

  1. Part 1: A Baffling Illness

  2. Part 2: Sifting Through the DNA Haystack

  3. Part 3: Gene Insights Lead to a Risky Treatment

2011 Pulitzer Prize: International Reporting: Above the Law

On Russia’s faltering justice system.

  1. Part 1: Intimidating the MessengersJournalists, Fighting Graft, Pay in Blood

  2. Part II: The Czar’s EyeRussia Turns a Deaf Ear as Killing Cries for Justice

  3. Part III: Resort of the EliteRussian Mayor Irks Security Agency, and Suffers

  4. Part IV: On the TakeVideos Rouse Russian Anger Toward Police

  5. Part V: Unlikely PartnersRussia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent

  6. Part VI: Prosecutors’ Upper HandIn Russia, Jury Is Something to Work Around

  7. Part VII: Hampered ElectionsIn Siberia Race, Ruling Party Uses Clenched Fist

  8. Part VIII: A Search for AnswersAfter Russian Death, Inquiry Doors Open and Shut

  9. Part IX: An Official’s Long ReachIn Russia, an Advocate Is Killed, and an Accuser Tried