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Tens of thousands of people every year are sent to jail based on the results of a $2 roadside drug test. Widespread evidence shows that these tests routinely produce false positives. Why are police departments and prosecutors still using them?

The Patriot

Philanthropist and private equity mogul David Rubenstein is lauded for his patriotic donations, including half the cost of repairing the Washington Monument. He also helped save a controversial tax break billionaires love.

Killing the Colorado

An investigation into why the West is running out of water.

  1. The labyrinth of policies that reward Arizona farmers for growing cotton, which uses six times as much water as lettuce and 60 percent more than wheat.

  2. The woman who found the water to keep Las Vegas growing, for better or worse.

  3. How a century-old water deal is encouraging waste and worsening the drought.

  4. How the achievement of moving water comes at an enormous cost to the environment.

  5. Ground water and surface water stores are interconnected. But we count them twice.