The Boy Behind the Mask

“It looks as though someone has slapped three pounds of wet clay onto his face, where it clings, burying the boy inside. But Sam, the boy behind the mask, peers out from the right eye. It is clear, perfectly formed and a deep, penetrating brown.”

The Spy's Kid

The son of Jim Nicholson, a former CIA agent convicted of espionage, follows in his father’s footsteps.

  1. Part 1: Nathan Nicholson follows his father into the spy game.

  2. Part 2: The son begins passing notes from his dad to eager Russian operatives.

  3. Part 3: Nathan jets to exotic locales to collect envelopes stuffed with money.

  4. Part 4: FBI agents are waiting on Nathan Nicholson’s doorstep.

  5. Part 5: Nathan must decide whether to betray his spymaster father.

  6. Part 6: Father and son see each other for the first time in more than a year — inside a courtroom.

  7. Profile: Twice a turncoat, Jim Nicholson sold U.S. secrets to the Russians, then used his son as a courier.

Rajneeshees in Oregon: The Untold Story

Twenty-five years ago, a guru from India showed up in rural Oregon with 2,000 followers. Here’s what happened next: they legally turned their multi-million dollar ranch into an incorporated city, imported homeless people to swing local votes, poisoned hundreds and attempted to assassinate the state’s U.S. attorney.

  1. Part 1: 25 Years After Rajneeshee Commune Collapsed, Truth Spills Out

  2. Part 2: Thwarted Rajneeshee Leaders Attack Enemies, Neighbors with Poison

  3. Part 3: Rajneeshee Leaders Take Revenge on The Dalles’ with Poison, Homeless

  4. Part 4: Rajneeshee Leaders See Enemies Everywhere as Questions Compound

  5. Part 5: Rajneeshees’ Utopian Dreams Collapse as Talks Turn to Murder