The Dance Contest [Excerpt]

Intrigues within a Thai prison.

"'My friends,' he says, 'I hope all of you are having a mellow and productive day. Perhaps you feel surprised that I say "friends." Well, you deserve to be called by that word. Three months ago, I came to you seeking assistance with several problems. Inmates doing bodily harm to each other was a problem. Drug casualties were a problem. Another problem was videos filmed on contraband phones, videos which referenced conduct that is unbecoming to you and unbecoming to this institution. One more problem was some chattering birds who told false stories to the BBC about conditions in our facility. Three months ago, I asked for your help with these problems, and there has been no trouble since.'"

Louisiana Incarcerated

A multi-part series exploring Louisiana’s role as “the world’s prison capital.”

  1. Arresting Development: How Texas was able to close a prison.

  2. Behind Bars: How Louisiana’s incarceration rate became the highest in the world.

  3. A Trade in Prisoners: The link between rural economies and the prison system.

  4. An Economic Machine: How private business benefits from prisons.

  5. Throwing Away the Key: Who gets rehabilitated?

  6. Locked In: Why prison reform is so difficult.

  7. Unusual Punishment: How mandatory sentencing laws keep prisons full.

  8. No Way Out: Hundreds wait as pardons pile up on the Governor's desk.

  9. Hitting Home: The disproportionate impact of the prison system on certain neighborhoods.

  10. Rough Re-Entry: The difficult life back on the outside.