Suicide of the Ceasefire Babies

The Ceasefire Babies was what they called us. Those too young to remember the worst of the terror because we were either in nappies or just out of them when the Provisional IRA ceasefire was called. I was four, Jonny was three. We were the Good Friday Agreement generation, destined to never witness the horrors of war but to reap the spoils of peace. The spoils just never seemed to reach us.

The Zankou Chicken Murders

The creator of the California-based food chain kills his mother, sister and, finally, himself.

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From Hollywood to Anaheim, he had opened a chain of fast-food rotisserie chicken restaurants that dazzled the food critics and turned customers into a cult. Poets wrote about his Zankou chicken. Musicians sang about his Zankou chicken. Now that he was dying, his dream of building an empire, 100 Zankous across the land, a Zankou in every major city, would be his four sons’ to pursue. In the days before, he had pulled them aside one by one -- Dikran, Steve, Ara, Vartkes -- and told them he had no regrets. He was 56 years old, that was true, but life had not cheated him. He did not tell them he had just one more piece of business left to do.

How Does a 10-Year-Old Boy End Up Hanging to Death?

A tragic suicide from 1989 may have been something even more sinister.

  1. Hanging

    The mysterious case of the boy in the barn.

  2. Presuming

    Fellow deputies and the questions not asked.

  3. Connecting

    How suspicions passed from woman to woman.

  4. Confronting

    A quest to ask K.W. the hard questions, at last.

  5. Hurting

    Who abused Josh Klaver – and who know about it?

  6. Reckoning

    A closed case, a search for peace.