The iEconomy (Pt. 1-7)

The complete (to date) New York Times series on the globalization of high tech industries.

  1. 1. How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work (by Charles Duhigg & Keith Bradsher, Jan 2012)

  2. 2. In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad (by Charles Duhigg & David Barboza, Jan 2012)

  3. 3. How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes (by Charles Duhigg & David Kocienewski, Apr 2012)

  4. 4. Apples Retail Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay (by David Segal, Jun 2012)

  5. 5. In Pursuit of Nissan, a Jobs Lesson for the Tech Industry? (by Bill Vlasic, Hiroko Tabuchi & Charles Duhigg, Aug 2012)

  6. 6. Skilled Work, Without the Worker (by John Markoff, Aug 2012)

  7. 7. The Patent, Used as a Sword (by Charles Duhigg & Steve Lohr, Oct 2012)

The Rebuilding

Scott Raab’s ongoing reports on the reconstruction at the World Trade Center site.

  1. The Truth About the World Trade Center: A history of boondoggles. (Sep 2012)

  2. The Memorial: How the site came together. (Sep 2011)

  3. Good Days at Ground Zero: One World Trade reaches to the sky. (Oct 2010)

  4. Of Time and the Freedom Tower: Why is construction taking so long? (Sep 2008)

  5. The Steel: Construction begins, six years after 9-11. (Jun 2007)

  6. The Blasters: Getting ready to rebuild. (Sep 2006)

  7. The Engineers: The challenges of the construction site. (Feb 2006)

  8. The Foundation: Larry Silverstein and Governor Pataki play nice, for now. (Sep 2005)

Louisiana Incarcerated

A multi-part series exploring Louisiana’s role as “the world’s prison capital.”

  1. Arresting Development: How Texas was able to close a prison.

  2. Behind Bars: How Louisiana’s incarceration rate became the highest in the world.

  3. A Trade in Prisoners: The link between rural economies and the prison system.

  4. An Economic Machine: How private business benefits from prisons.

  5. Throwing Away the Key: Who gets rehabilitated?

  6. Locked In: Why prison reform is so difficult.

  7. Unusual Punishment: How mandatory sentencing laws keep prisons full.

  8. No Way Out: Hundreds wait as pardons pile up on the Governor's desk.

  9. Hitting Home: The disproportionate impact of the prison system on certain neighborhoods.

  10. Rough Re-Entry: The difficult life back on the outside.

2012 National Magazine Awards Winners

  1. Paper Tigers [Essays and Criticism] Wesley Yang • New YorkWhat becomes of Asian-American overachievers after the test-taking ends?

  2. Joplin! [Feature Writing]Luke Dittrich • EsquireThe stories of two dozen strangers who survived the Joplin, Mo., tornado by hiding in a walk-in beer cooler.

  3. Italian America [Leisure] John Mariani • SaveurItalian immigrants took pride in feeding their families sumptuously.

  4. The Secret That Kills Four Women a Day [Personal Service] Liz Brody • GlamourWhy is relationship violence still so frighteningly common in 2011?

  5. Barrett Brown is Anonymous [Profile Writing]Tim Rogers • D MagazineOn the young man who helped overthrow the government of Tunisia from a Dallas apartment.

  6. The Invisible Army [Public Interest] Sarah Stillman • New YorkerFor foreign workers on U.S. bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, war can be hell.

  7. The Apostate [Reporting] Lawrence Wright • New YorkerA screenwriter flees Scientology.