The Bulger Mystique

A four-part investigation of brothers William and James ‘Whitey’ Bulger. One was president of the Massachusetts Senate for 17 years. The other was on the lam for 16 years before being captured.

  1. Senate President: A Mix of Family, Southie, Power

  2. As Two Brothers Begin to Flex Their Muscles, Busing Enters the Picture

  3. Law Enforcement Officials’ Lament About an Elusive Foe: Where Was Whitey?

  4. Image as Dictator, Tales of Revenge Obscure Bulger’s Charm

The iEconomy (Pt. 1-7)

The complete (to date) New York Times series on the globalization of high tech industries.

  1. 1. How the U.S. Lost Out on iPhone Work (by Charles Duhigg & Keith Bradsher, Jan 2012)

  2. 2. In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad (by Charles Duhigg & David Barboza, Jan 2012)

  3. 3. How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes (by Charles Duhigg & David Kocienewski, Apr 2012)

  4. 4. Apples Retail Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay (by David Segal, Jun 2012)

  5. 5. In Pursuit of Nissan, a Jobs Lesson for the Tech Industry? (by Bill Vlasic, Hiroko Tabuchi & Charles Duhigg, Aug 2012)

  6. 6. Skilled Work, Without the Worker (by John Markoff, Aug 2012)

  7. 7. The Patent, Used as a Sword (by Charles Duhigg & Steve Lohr, Oct 2012)

The Rebuilding

Scott Raab’s ongoing reports on the reconstruction at the World Trade Center site.

  1. The Truth About the World Trade Center: A history of boondoggles. (Sep 2012)

  2. The Memorial: How the site came together. (Sep 2011)

  3. Good Days at Ground Zero: One World Trade reaches to the sky. (Oct 2010)

  4. Of Time and the Freedom Tower: Why is construction taking so long? (Sep 2008)

  5. The Steel: Construction begins, six years after 9-11. (Jun 2007)

  6. The Blasters: Getting ready to rebuild. (Sep 2006)

  7. The Engineers: The challenges of the construction site. (Feb 2006)

  8. The Foundation: Larry Silverstein and Governor Pataki play nice, for now. (Sep 2005)

Louisiana Incarcerated

A multi-part series exploring Louisiana’s role as “the world’s prison capital.”

  1. Arresting Development: How Texas was able to close a prison.

  2. Behind Bars: How Louisiana’s incarceration rate became the highest in the world.

  3. A Trade in Prisoners: The link between rural economies and the prison system.

  4. An Economic Machine: How private business benefits from prisons.

  5. Throwing Away the Key: Who gets rehabilitated?

  6. Locked In: Why prison reform is so difficult.

  7. Unusual Punishment: How mandatory sentencing laws keep prisons full.

  8. No Way Out: Hundreds wait as pardons pile up on the Governor's desk.

  9. Hitting Home: The disproportionate impact of the prison system on certain neighborhoods.

  10. Rough Re-Entry: The difficult life back on the outside.

2012 National Magazine Awards Winners

  1. Paper Tigers [Essays and Criticism] Wesley Yang • New YorkWhat becomes of Asian-American overachievers after the test-taking ends?

  2. Joplin! [Feature Writing]Luke Dittrich • EsquireThe stories of two dozen strangers who survived the Joplin, Mo., tornado by hiding in a walk-in beer cooler.

  3. Italian America [Leisure] John Mariani • SaveurItalian immigrants took pride in feeding their families sumptuously.

  4. The Secret That Kills Four Women a Day [Personal Service] Liz Brody • GlamourWhy is relationship violence still so frighteningly common in 2011?

  5. Barrett Brown is Anonymous [Profile Writing]Tim Rogers • D MagazineOn the young man who helped overthrow the government of Tunisia from a Dallas apartment.

  6. The Invisible Army [Public Interest] Sarah Stillman • New YorkerFor foreign workers on U.S. bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, war can be hell.

  7. The Apostate [Reporting] Lawrence Wright • New YorkerA screenwriter flees Scientology.