Tuesday, March 22


Rob Ford, 1969–2016

An obituary for Toronto’s notorious former mayor.

Rebecca Solnit on Longform

On San Francisco's demise, Thoreau's dirty laundry, and “the mother of all questions” — browse our full archive of articles by Rebecca Solnit.


What I Learned Tindering My Way Across Europe

“I never got the ‘I’ve never seen a black woman, let me touch your hair’ vibe, it was more just like, ‘Hi, attractive person, let’s do this.’”

Up Against the Centerfold

What it was like to report on feminism for Playboy in 1969.


Death By Gentrification: The Killing That Shamed San Francisco

Alex Nieto died because a series of white men saw him as a menacing intruder in the place he’d spent his whole life.

Monday, March 21


A Week on the Trail With the “Disgusting Reporters” Covering Donald Trump

What it’s like to write about a candidate who hates you.


Is Prostitution Just Another Job?

What sex workers think about legalizing sex work.


Madness Runs in the Family

The genetics of schizophrenia.


The Departed

On a November morning, Olympic rower and financial advisor Harold Backer left for a bike ride and never returned. His disappearance remained a mystery – until letters began arriving at the homes of his investors.

Sunday, March 20


History of the Loomis Gang

In 1802, horse rustler George Washington Loomis rode into Oneida County and built a mansion adjacent to an impenetrable swamp perfect for storing thieved goods. It was the beginning of the saga of the largest organized crime family in 19th century America.


The Savage Descent of Mustang Sallie

Sallie Belling was an inspirational figure in her community for having overcome a childhood of abuse, drugs, and prostitution — a childhood her sister Rachel says is pure fiction.

Saturday, March 19


The Secrets of the Wave Pilots

For thousands of years, sailors in the Marshall Islands have navigated vast distances of open ocean without instruments. Almost nobody on Earth understands how they do it. And soon, the few people who do will be gone.