Monday, February 16


And He Shall Lead Them

Lester Cotton’s transformation from reluctant football player to top Alabama recruit, and the hopes and dreams of a neighborhood that ride on his shoulders.

Sunday, February 15


The Days and Nights of an NBA Groupie

The pecking order of All-Star Weekend sex-with-basketball-player-or-rapper hopefuls.


"It’s a Grand, Grand Caper"

David Carr’s advice for the 2014 graduating class at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism.


The Third Revelation of Father John Misty

The many lives of Josh Tillman, who on the way to releasing one of the year’s best albums was “a defiant child of God, a broke dishwasher, a successful drummer, a Dionysian shaman, a failed poet, a drug-hoovering spiritualist, and a gleeful prankster.”

Saturday, February 14


How The New York Times Works

They’re still printing it on paper.


On Sylvia Plath

She was not just a poet, she was an “event” in American literature all by herself.


The Brazilian Town Where the American Confederacy Lives On

With a little South American reinterpretation, Confederate imagery becomes harmless kitsch. Or does it?


The Swamp Men

In Florida, sinker cypress harvesters have to dodge the law while working their trade.

Friday, February 13


When Children With Autism Grow Up

Adult life for the autistic is littered with misunderstandings, anger, and group homes.


Behind the Scenes of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

In spite of the boiling-hot anticipation of its release, no one had much fun making this movie.