Friday, August 2


The Royal Prank

The inquiry into a nurse’s suicide after she was on the receiving end of a crank call.


Did Goldman Sachs Overstep in Criminally Charging Its Ex-Programmer?

Shortly before leaving Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov downloaded around 32mb of source code from their high-frequency stock-trading system. Even as he was sent away for an eight year bid in federal prison, no one seemed to fully understand exactly what he did.


Subterranean Psychonaut

The strange saga of Gordon Todd Skinner, a psychedelic aficionado and government informant who is now serving time in prison for kidnapping and torturing his wife’s teenage lover.

Thursday, August 1


My Week in North Korea

Playing tourist in the isolated nation.


In the Violent Favelas of Brazil

Rampant rape and murder in the Brazilian slums.


To Live, the Oyster Must Die

The fight to save a “delicious gold mine.”


Fire in the Hole!

Machine guns, cannons and drones in the Arizona desert.

Wednesday, July 31


Longform Podcast #52: Kelley Benham

Kelley Benham is a writer and editor at the Tampa Bay Times.

"People connect with this story in a really visceral kind of way, usually because of some experience they've had or someone close to them has had. I've had 90-year-old women crying into my phone about babies they lost 70 years ago. I've had people kind of sneak up to me and tell me about babies that have died that they don't talk about, but that they carry with them all the time. I've had premies who are grown up—those are my favorite—you know, "I'm 20 now and I have a scar just like Juniper's scar, and thank you for helping me understand who I am."

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Elegy of a Race Car Driver

The life and sudden death of NASCAR’s Dick Trickle.


Sponsor: Michael Paterniti Answers Questions From His Editor

The author of The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese, interviewed by his editor, Andy Ward, about storytelling, literary heroes, and why the book took him 10 years to write.