Saturday, July 19


Tempest in a Test Tube

Inside a high-profile Hollywood child custody battle.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "An Object in Motion"

A child’s hobby transforms slowly into a grown man’s obsessive project.

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Tom Emanski changed the sport of baseball, his iconic instructional videos a mainstay on ESPN. Then he disappeared.

Friday, July 18


The Weird, Scary and Ingenious Brain of Maria Bamford

A profile of “America’s most vulnerable comedian.”


One of a Kind

When a child has a condition that’s new to science.


Get Rich or Die Shilling

The business of being Pitbull.

Thursday, July 17


How I Became a Knausgaard Truther

Untangling the legend of “Knausgaard-free days.”


Camp Lejeune and the U.S. Military's Polluted Legacy

How the Pentagon makes “Koch Industries look like an organic farm” when it comes to toxic water contamination.


The Forgotten Internment

During World War II, the indigenous Aleut people were forced into camps. 10% died.


The Many Crimes of Mel Hall

A flamboyant player, a charismatic coach, and a sex predator.

Wednesday, July 16

Longform Podcast: The 100th Episode

A look back at some of our favorite moments from the first 99.

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Foul Territory

A father who brought his daughter to a ballgame and the fallout from a foul ball.