Friday, May 9


The $13 Billion Mystery Angels

The hedge funders who tried to give away a fortune anonymously.

Thursday, May 8


Midnight in the Garden of East Texas

A charming assistant funeral home director named Bernie Tiede murders a wealthy widow, keeps her in a freezer for months, finally gets caught, and still has the town's sympathy as his case goes to trial. The story that became Richard Linklater's Bernie.

Update: Tiede was convicted and spent 15 years behind bars before being released this week on the condition that he live in Linklater's garage.


The Conspiracists: The Reichstag Fire

How the Third Reich was founded on a conspiracy theory.


The Big Sleep

How medically induced hypothermia could save lives.


All the Kings' Men

An oral history of the 2002 Western Conference finals between the Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings.

Previously: Jonathan Abrams on the Longform Podcast.

Wednesday, May 7


A Death in the Texas Desert

On the murder of a popular bar owner in a ghost town near the Mexican border.

Longform Podcast #91: Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis has written for The New Republic, Vanity Fair and The New York Times Magazine. His latest book is Flash Boys.

"When you're telling a story, you're essentially playing the cards you're dealt. ... Sometimes the hand is very easy to play. Sometimes the hand is difficult to play. At the end, I just try to think, 'Is there anything I would have done differently?' 'Is there any trick I missed?' If I don't have the feeling that I missed something big, I feel happy about the book."

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Boko Haram: Sons of Anarchy

In northern Nigeria, radical Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram is facing a vigilante backlash from armed teenagers with nothing to lose.


Masala Dosa to Die For

How P. Rajagopal, the founder of one of the world’s largest vegetarian restaurant chains, got away with murder.

Tuesday, May 6


The Day I Started Lying to Ruth

A cancer doctor on losing his wife to cancer.


Confidentially Yours

A history of the celebrity profile.