Saturday, January 12


RIP, Aaron Swartz

A eulogy for the activist.


Semi-Charmed Life

Parsing the lives of middle-class twentysomethings.

Friday, January 11


In the Time of Cholera

The U.N.’s role in creating an epidemic in Haiti.


The Tip of the Spear

A reporter who investigated Scientology tracks down the man who once ran the church’s intelligence operations – and who may hold the secret to years of harassment (and the mysterious death of a pet dog).


The New Mecca

The author travels to Dubai; Arab children see snow for the first time, which is made by a Kenyan.


One Martyr Down

An investigation into the death of a Canadian soldier in Lebanon.

Thursday, January 10


A Beautiful Child

Truman Capote and Marilyn Monroe in conversation.


The Mystery of Lightning Medicine Cloud

An investigation into the death of a sacred white buffalo and the man who raised it.


Right Here Waiting

After offending Richard Marx, the author meets him to hash things out.

Wednesday, January 9


New Delhi Attack: The Victim's Story

A profile of the 23-year-old woman who was savagely raped on a private bus as it circled New Delhi.

Longform Podcast #22: Charles Duhigg

Charles Duhigg is a New York Times reporter and author of The Power of Habit.

"The stuff that gets cut out gets cut out for a reason. The discipline of space is always a good discipline. If it deserves to be read, it shouldn't be on the cutting room floor ... If it ends up on the cutting room floor, there's usually a reason why."

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