Tuesday, June 24


Why Do So Few Blacks Study the Civil War?

“We are invited to listen, but never to truly join the narrative, for to speak as the slave would, to say that we are as happy for the Civil War as most Americans are for the Revolutionary War, is to rupture the narrative.”

From last week: Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Longform Podcast.

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Her House of Cards

How a 26-year-old cocktail waitress ended up running a private weekly poker game for some of Hollywood’s highest rollers.

Excerpted from Molly's Game.


Rolling Nowhere, Part Two

Father and son bond by hopping freight trains.

Previously: Ted Conover on the Longform Podcast.

Monday, June 23


Linux for Lettuce

The “subtly radical” open-source plant movement.

Sunday, June 22



On what we see and what we don’t.


The Spirit and the Law

On the Becket Fund, a little-known firm that has become the leading force in the fight for corporations seeking a religious exemption from covering employees’ birth control.


Baptism by Fire

A rookie firefighter confronts his first test.

Previously: The Longform Guide to Fire.

Saturday, June 21


The Faded Smile

Eddie Griffin made it to the NBA. Then his life began to unravel.

Previously: Jonathan Abrams on the Longform Podcast.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "The Answer"

A man heads to Key West in a quest for sobriety.

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The Slumdog Millionaire Architect

How Hafeez Contractor is creating an alternate India in the sky, where professionsals are “insulated from the chaos that has long hamstrung their homeland.”