Wednesday, April 11


Leonard Cohen Unplugged

A profile from his days living as a mountain monk in Southern California.


Leading Mannequins

The life of an A-list Hollywood stylist.


Interview: Sandra Bernhard

BARR: What makes you laugh? BERNHARD: Well, it's really a myriad of things, but usually it's something that's very organic. It's something that happens on the street. BARR: Like fat people falling down? BERNHARD: No, no . . . [laughs] BARR: That really cracks me up. It's terrible.

Tuesday, April 10


KFC's Big Game of Chicken

How KFC brought fried chicken to China and Africa as U.S. sales slumped.

The William Langewiesche Archive on Longform

The William Langewiesche Archive

From shipbreakers in India to a plane crash in Brazil, organized crime in Naples to pirates in the Gulf of Aden—16 stories by a master of narrative non-fiction. Our Langewiesche archive.


The Camorra Never Sleeps

The enduring system of organized crime in Naples.


On Tipping in Cuba

Colonialism, the convertible peso, and the strange dance between the cheap beach tourist and the tour guide tout.


The Mystery of Why Marine Noah Pippin Went AWOL

The search for a missing soldier.

Monday, April 9


Why Are So Many Americans Single?

On living alone, which more people are doing today than ever before.


The Invaders

A writer’s trip home to Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the racetrack inextricably linked with the histories of his family and his hometown.


Leaving Reality

Life after a stint on The Real World.


What’s Eating the NYPD?

The toll of being a cop on the most successful force in the country.