Saturday, April 27


A History of Like

Marketing research,the pre-Facebook history of ‘likeability,’ and why there will never be a ‘dislike’ button.

Friday, April 26


Net Impact

A profile of Alexey Navalny, a Russian anti-corruption crusader.


Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer

Why awareness isn’t saving lives.


Carjack Victim Recounts His Harrowing Night

When a 26-year-old Chinese entrepreneur pulled over to answer a text message he was carjacked by Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. This is what happened that night and how he escaped.


Show Yourself the Money

Aside from the wealthiest players, nine out of 10 NFL athletes are likely to be insolvent within 10 years of retirement. A new executive MBA program aims to change that.

Thursday, April 25


Captured on Film

On dissident filmmakers in Syria.

The 2012 Livingston Awards Finalists

2012 Livingston Awards Finalists

The Livingston Awards honor the year’s best work by journliasts under the age of 35. Finalists in local, national, and international reporting were announced today—see the full list.


At Home With Claire Messud and James Wood, the First Couple of American Fiction

Dinner with the novelist, the book critic and “Myshkin, a 14-year-old female dachshund who is deaf but decidedly not mute.”


In Florida, A Food-stamp Recruiter Deals With Wrenching Choices

Dillie Nerios’s job is to convince people food is a right, not a luxury.


Lost on Everest

The harrowing first ascent of the mountain’s West Ridge.

Wednesday, April 24

Longform Podcast #38: Ted Conover

Ted Conover is the author of five books and the recent Harper's article "The Way of All Flesh."

"My identity is a rubber band. It can stretch that way and it can stretch this way. When I get home it goes mostly back into the shape it's been, but not completely. And it's that not completely that is interesting and makes me who I am."

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