Wednesday, October 16


Cargo Cult Science

On the science of being fooled.

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself--and you are the easiest person to fool.

Portrait of an Afghan Assassin

Investigating the spike in Afghan-on-American military murders.


The Last Ride of a Cleveland Hells Angel Informant

A Hells Angel informant’s path from destruction to redemption and back, and a family’s trouble with witness protection.

Tuesday, October 15


20 Minutes at Rucker Park

A basketball player, broke and without a Plan B, travels across the country for one last shot at glory.


A Philosophy of Tickling

“Why do people laugh when tickled? Why can’t you tickle yourself? Why are certain parts of the body more ticklish than others? Why do some people enjoy tickling and others not? And what is tickling, after all?”


Nights Out In a New Town

Traveling with a sex tourist to the Uzbek city of Tashkent. Excerpted from the forthcoming book If It's Monday It Must Be Madurai.


The Russia Left Behind

The bumpy ride from St. Petersburg and Moscow, through a Russia slipping back into the 19th century.

Monday, October 14


Dear Life

The author on her childhood in Wingham, Ontario.


Nightmare in Maryville

Daisy Coleman, new to town and a cheerleader, was 14. Matthew Barnett, a 17-year-old football player and the grandson of a longtime politician, was 17. The evidence pointed overwhelmingly toward rape. There was even a video. Yet the charges were dropped. Then the people of Maryville, Missouri, set about running the Colemans out of town.

Sunday, October 13


The Real Story of Lavabit's Founder

Meet Ladar Levison, Edward Snowden’s email provider.


The Camera's Cusp

Filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón and his four years of production on Gravity.

Saturday, October 12


I Got Hired at a Bangladesh Sweatshop. Meet My 9-Year-Old Boss.

“She taught me the tricks of trimming. She taught me to smile when my back ached. She taught me some Bengali words. Sab bhalo. It is all okay.”