Wednesday, January 16

Longform Podcast #23: Starlee Kine

Starlee Kine is a contributor to This American Life and the New York Times Magazine.

"There's a fearlessness I had when I was younger that I don't have now ... It threw me into a crisis, the Internet in general. You're more cautious about what you kind of have out there. There's that, that I just don't want people to know every single thing anymore, but there's [also] an inner fear that did not exist before, an inner censoring that was not there."

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For Amusement Only

From pinball prohibition in 1940s NYC to Dave & Buster’s, the rise and fall of the American arcade.


The Carefully Cultivated Soul of SoulCycle

On the casting process for New York’s cult leader-like spin instructors.

Tuesday, January 15


The Longest Hunger Strike

An inmate’s protest.


Against Joie de Vivre

Why parties, love, kids, conversation and more are so miserable (at least to Phillip Lopate).


96 Minutes

An oral history of the University of Texas Tower massacre.


The Real Cuban Missile Crisis

A reassessment of the calm, cool JFK.

Monday, January 14



The psychology of cults and the scholars who fight about it.


The Party Faithful

The rise of Israel’s far right.



Adventures in public speaking.

Sunday, January 13


The Inside Job

A bookkeeper’s $9 million swindle, her lavish second life, and the boss who didn’t notice.


Boomtown Slum

A day in the economic life of the Nairobi’s Kibera, the largest shanty-town in Africa.