Friday, August 30


Tommy Morrison's Latest Big Fight

In search of the former boxing champ, who refuses to believe he has HIV.


Chemical Warfare in Syria

“At first, there is only a little sound, a metallic ping, almost a click.”

Thursday, August 29


'F--- Rap, Laying Back Eating Poutine'

Three days on road with former chef and current rap eccentric Action Bronson.


The Man Behind The Historic Implosion Of The Ex-Gay Movement

Meet Alan Chambers, former leader of Exodus International–a “pray the gay away” ministry.


Curses! The Birth of the Bleep and Modern American Censorship

From the proto-bleep to meta-bleep: how the US government protects us from the profane.



On the hanging of James Murphy, murderer.

Wednesday, August 28

Longform Podcast #57: Eli Saslow

Eli Saslow is a staff writer at the Washington Post and a contributor at ESPN the Magazine.

"It's not really my place to complain about it being hard for me to write. I wrote the story ("After Newtown Shooting, Mourning Parents Enter Into the Lonely Quiet") and I got to leave it. And even when I was writing the story, I was only experiencing what they were experiencing in a super fractional way. The hard part is that it was a story where there are no breaks, there's no—it is this relentless, sort of bottomless pain and I struggled with that. … A story can only have so many crushing moments, otherwise they just all wash out. But the other truth is: it is what it is. It's an impossibly heartbreaking situation. And making the story anything other than relentlessly heartbreaking would've been doing an injustice to what they're dealing with."

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MediaTakeout: Fear of a Black TMZ

The story of, a gossip site with a monthly audience of 16 million and a loose relationship with the truth.


460 Days in Captivity

A 27-year old reporter is kidnapped in Somalia and held hostage for over a year.

Tuesday, August 27


America’s Worst Community Colleges

On the dysfunctional community colleges of San Francisco.