Friday, April 5


The Divorce From Hell

"Five years, four judges, six lawyers, $400,000 in attorney and expert fees and costs, a child yanked back and forth, [and] petty arguing." Chronicling the slow end of one American marriage.

Thursday, April 4


Playboy Interview: Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert

“Ebert: Sometimes we do really dislike each other.

Siskel: And sometimes we don’t.”


Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

A profile of the late critic.



An oral history of the day Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot.


The End and Don King

The crumbling of an American icon.


The Ghost in the Machine

A profile of the D.O.C., the rapper’s rapper, who ghostwrote for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.


The Meaning of White

A mother struggles to cope when a child is born with albinism.

Wednesday, April 3


Longform Podcast #35: Jay Caspian Kang

Jay Caspian Kang is a writer and editor at Grantland.

"That's one of the things I've been learning: sometimes if you just sit there, they forget that you're there, so they forget to get rid of you. I'm very quiet and I try not to ask them a lot of questions. ... Generally I just observe. I feel like because I'm a fiction writer, the story will tell itself through the narrative of the person's movement through their daily life."

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Show Notes »

The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency

A cultural history of Bitcoin and what happened when the nascent virtual currency began to be covered by the mainstream media.


Heart of Sharkness

A trip to the French island of Réunion to report on a bloody battle between surfers and sharks.


A Nightmare in Real Life

On the American teenager who was kidnapped by Islamic militants while on vacation in the Philippines.