Thursday, September 26


Our French Connection

What American towns named Paris can tell us about the French.


Mystery Man

On Ron Latimer, the strange, elusive publisher of great poets, including Wallace Stevens.


The Spoil of Mariners

The Arctic, sailors and scurvy.


The True Story of the Great Marijuana Crash of 2011

The rise and fall of Colorado’s newly-legal cash crop.

Wednesday, September 25


Confessions of Pop's Wildest Child

A few days in the life of Miley Cyrus.


Trail of Guilt

How the author, following up on a rumor, helped reignite the dormant investigation into the murder of Martha Moxley, a teenager who had been murdered nearly 25 years before in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Longform Podcast #61: Cord Jefferson

Cord Jefferson is the West Coast editor at Gawker.

"I consider myself to be a sincere human being. And I think that the way the internet carries itself, the way the internet has dialogues, is often insincere. That concerns me. I don't ever want to lose my sincerity. I don't ever want to lose my ability to feel emotional about things that I write about. I don't ever want to have a distance from everything that I write. I think that can be a danger of writing too much for the internet, that you develop this elitist distance from everything. That nothing really matters, you know?"

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Lost to the Ages

Myst, twenty years later.

The Tiger Cure

One man’s experience with a sex surrogate in gay-conversion therapy.

Tuesday, September 24


An Argument With Instruments: On Charles Mingus

How the icon’s personal struggles with identity fed his art.


Scandal at Clinton Inc.

Doug Band gets close to, then falls out with, Bill and Hillary.


Electronic Dance Music’s Love Affair With Ecstasy

How both the drugs and the music have evolved together.