Wednesday, March 20


See No Evil: The Case of Alfred Anaya

Alfred Anaya was a genius at installing secret compartments in cars. If they were used to smuggle drugs without his knowledge, he figured, that wasn’t his problem. He was wrong.

Longform Podcast #33: Rolf Potts

Rolf Potts is a veteran travel writer.

"Instead of seeking out the stories, the stories sort of found me. I miss those days. I mean, I make more money from my writing now and I'm probably a better journalist. But having seven-day weeks to wander, month after month, for two years, was a great way to find real and spontaneous and human travel stories."

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Murder of Football Player Shakes Town

Amidst the football-obsessed culture of small-town Christian colleges in Kansas, a player is killed at a party.


The Hostage

The author tells the story of his kidnapping by militants in Syria.

Tuesday, March 19


How Soccer Explains Israel

In February, Jerusalem’s FC Beitar, the only soccer team in the Israeli Premier League to have never signed an Arab player, signed two Chechnyan Muslims, sparking national controversy and pitting the organization against their ultras fan club La Familia.


The Private Lives of the Cryptozoologists

A visit to a Maine museum devoted to Bigfoot and other mythical creatures.


The Nightmare of the West Memphis Three

Three boys falsely accused of murder, and what the twenty-year saga says about all of us.

Monday, March 18


He Who Makes the Rules

The bureaucratic hell of enforcing legislation in Washington.


Food Stamps Put Rhode Island Town on Monthly Boom-and-Bust Cycle

The economics of Woonsocket, where one-third of residents rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.


The Miner’s Daughter

A profile of Gina Rinehart, the richest person in Australia.