Thursday, February 2


The Corner Man

On the late Angelo Dundee, who trained Muhammad Ali.


How the GOP Is Resegregating the South

On the Republican Party’s successful use of redistricting to “pass draconian anti-immigration laws, end integrated busing, drug-test welfare recipients and curb the ability of death-row inmates to challenge convictions based on racial bias.”


Leveling the Field: What I Learned From For-Profit education

Undercover as a student at Phoenix University, the largest for-profit higher education company in the country and the second-largest enroller of students (behind the SUNY system), where only 12 percent of first-time students graduate and the ad budget accounts for 30 percent of overall spending.


Soul Train Local

A history of Soul Train’s Chi-town origins.

Wednesday, February 1


The War Ends Here

Fighting to the finish in the most dangerous region of Afghanistan.


Burning Man

On a U.S. soldier burned to the verge of death and the virtual-reality video game doctors used as treatment when he came home.


Death of a Deceiver

The story of Brandon Teena, a 21-year-old transgender man who was beaten, raped and murdered by two friends after they discovered he was anatomically female.

Tuesday, January 31


Revenge of the Nerd

On the life of Ray Bradbury.


Ballad of the Whiskey Robber

The story of Attila Ambrus, who was released from jail this morning in Hungary. Nicknamed the Whiskey Robber because witnesses always spotted him having a double across the street prior to his heists, Ambrus only stole from state-owned banks and post offices, becoming a Hungarian folk hero during his seven years on the lam. While on his spree he was also the goaltender for Budapest's best-known hockey team and was arguably the worst pro goalie ever to play the sport, once giving up 23 goals in a single game. Excerpted from Ballad of the Whiskey Robber: A True Story of Bank Heists, Ice Hockey, Transylvanian Pelt Smuggling, Moonlighting Detectives, and Broken Hearts.

Monday, January 30


The Mystery of Duane Reade

How a drug store conquered New York.


The Defeated

Inside the lives of Sri Lanka’s Tamils as they emerge from a multi-decade war that defined and nearly destroyed them.


It's Saturday Night!

An oral history of Saturday Night Live.

Part of our guide to SNL for Slate.