Monday, August 5



A profile of Stanley Kubrick written by a longtime friend and published a few months after the director’s death.


Taken by the State

The use and abuse of civil forfeiture.

Longform Podcast #53: Janet Reitman

For the first time, Janet Reitman discusses her Rolling Stone cover story on accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

"My editors, myself, a lot of people who work for the magazine — we lived through an act of terrorism. We know what it feels like. There have been accusations to me personally of being insensitive, and I can tell you that I'm far from insensitive, not only to the political realities of terrorism but to the personal realities of terrorism. I breathed it in, literally. … The cover elicited an emotional response from people; that is not always what magazine covers do. I think it's great on a certain level, because terrorism is emotional, it's real, it affects us. It is not something that happens just overseas or just to people who are somehow "Other." If you talk to terrorism experts around the world, what they will all say is that the vast majority of people who are involved in these violent, extremist acts are what we would consider otherwise to be very normal people. One of us. Part of our community. That's a reality, and it's a very emotional thing and it makes people very uncomfortable. I totally understand that. But that was the point of my story."

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Sunday, August 4


The Sports Cable Bubble

How cable sports channels extort hundreds of dollars per year out of every cable subscriber for programming that less than 10% regularly watch.

Saturday, August 3


When Mom Has a Secret

Finding out your loved one is a notorious fugitive.


Thurman Munson In Sun And Shade

The last great brawling sports team in America—Reggie, Catfish, Goose, Gator, and the Boss—remember their fallen leader.

Friday, August 2


The Royal Prank

The inquiry into a nurse’s suicide after she was on the receiving end of a crank call.


Did Goldman Sachs Overstep in Criminally Charging Its Ex-Programmer?

Shortly before leaving Goldman Sachs, Sergey Aleynikov downloaded around 32mb of source code from their high-frequency stock-trading system. Even as he was sent away for an eight year bid in federal prison, no one seemed to fully understand exactly what he did.


Subterranean Psychonaut

The strange saga of Gordon Todd Skinner, a psychedelic aficionado and government informant who is now serving time in prison for kidnapping and torturing his wife’s teenage lover.

Thursday, August 1


My Week in North Korea

Playing tourist in the isolated nation.


In the Violent Favelas of Brazil

Rampant rape and murder in the Brazilian slums.