Monday, October 10


Planet of the Retired Apes

Retirement for chimps is, in its way, a perversely natural outcome, which is to say, one that only we, the most cranially endowed of the primates, could have possibly concocted. It's the final manifestation of the irrepressible and ultimately vain human impulse to bring inside the very walls that we erect against the wilderness its most inspiring representatives -- the chimps, our closest biological kin, the animal whose startling resemblance to us, both outward and inward, has long made it a ''can't miss'' for movies and Super Bowl commercials and a ''must have'' in our laboratories. Retirement homes are, in a sense, where we've been trying to get chimps all along: right next door.

The Last Ride of Jesse James Hollywood

A tony bedroom community in Los Angeles, a kidnapping gone horribly wrong, and the birth of a teenage fugitive.


Just Kids

On the tangled early careers of Jonathan Franzen, David Foster Wallace, Mary Karr and Jeffrey Eugenides.


Could This Time Have Been Different?

Retracing the early economic steps of the Obama administration.

Sunday, October 9


Whitey Bulger in Exile

On the lifestyle of a fugitive retiree, and how it came to an end.


Goodbye to All That

On the life and afterlife of Che Guevara.


The Year of Reading Differently

The author reluctantly commits to a Kindle.

Saturday, October 8


Beautiful Brains

On the minds of teenagers.


Backyard Bloodbath

On the backyard wrestling clubs of South Florida.


The Jewish Holly-Go-Lightly

Love advice from a beloved aunt.

I try to call my Great Aunt Doris every day. She's ninety-years old and lives alone. I love her desperately and as she gets older, especially of late as she becomes more feeble, my love seems to be picking up velocity, overwhelming me almost, tinged as it is with panic -- I'm so afraid of losing her.

Friday, October 7


Can Cancer Ever Be Ignored?

The controversy over a widely-used prostate cancer screening test.