Friday, December 14


The $314,900,000 Losing Lottery Ticket

Ten years ago, Jack Whittaker won the largest lotto jackpot in history. Then he lost everything.

Thursday, December 13


The Umpire's Sons

A Major League umpire learns that his children share the same deadly genetic disease.


A Soap Opera on the High Seas

On the reality TV empire of Thom Beers, creator of Deadliest Catch.


V.S. Naipaul on the Arab Spring, Authors He Loathes, and the Books He Will Never Write

“Oh God, everybody hates Jane Austen. They don’t have the balls to say it.”


Wednesday, December 12


Eric Clemmons Isn't Alone in His Guilt

Revisiting a 30-year-old beating death in St. Louis.

Longform Podcast #20: Patrick Radden Keefe

Patrick Radden Keefe is a staff writer at The New Yorker.

"I tend not to like really prescriptive writing, and as often as not what I want to do is kind of get in and find the stories and the narratives almost as a delivery mechanism to just get people to sit up and think about it. Honestly, the areas that I'm interested in are so obscure, often, that the thing that I want is for people just to understand and care a little bit more than they did before."

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Show Notes »

The Idol Thief

Inside one of the biggest antiquities-smuggling rings in history.


Live on TV: The Fall of Greece

On the clip that captured a society falling apart.


Diary: Online Dating

On the internet dating pool.

Tuesday, December 11


Welcome to the Hotel of Doom

A visit to the hotel North Korea starved to build, still unfinished after breaking ground in 1987.