Tuesday, January 13


My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward

How mental illness reshapes a marriage.


Motley Crew

A 58-year-old diabetic and his team of amateur rugby players attempt to qualify for the 1984 Summer Olympics in rowing.


Crime Fiction

The story of Tyrone Hood, who served 21 years for a murder he didn’t commit, and the Chicago criminal justice apparatus that allowed a serial killer to go free.

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"I Don't Know If I'm Already Infected"

Sheikh Humarr Khan was a globally renowned expert in tropical diseases, and the hero who ran Sierra Leone’s worst Ebola ward. So why, when he finally fell ill, was he denied the extraordinary treatments that could have saved him?

Monday, January 12


Donna's Last Days

Cancer, poverty, and a reporter taking care of her source.


A City Run by Children

The theme-park chain where kids learn to pilot a plane, pay taxes, and pretend to be adults.


Bees, Inc.

Save the honeybee, sterilize the earth.


The Edward Snowdens of 1971

In March 1971, John and Bonnie Raines broke into an FBI office, stealing documents that revealed that the government was spying on its own citizens. Today, they’re hailed as heroes. Is this what the future holds for Edward Snowden?

Sunday, January 11


The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills

Cheryl Shuman has been a coupon queen, an optician to the stars and the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Steven Segal. Now she’s the face of the high-end weed market.

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Artists in Uniform

"The Colonel went out sailing. He spoke with Turk and Jew . . ."

The Art of Fiction No. 90: Robert Stone

An interview with the novelist, who died on Saturday.

“There’s only one subject for fiction or poetry or even a joke: how it is. In all the arts, the payoff is always the same: recognition. If it works, you say that’s real, that’s truth, that’s life, that’s the way things are. ‘There it is.’”

No Matter How Your Heart Is Grieving: Disney for the Sad

Visiting Disney World during times of loss and sorrow.