Tuesday, April 14


A Tale of Two Poets

On the parallel sadness of Thom Gunn and Elizabeth Bishop.


The Tragic Love Story Of Christy Mack and MMA Fighter War Machine

The woman that the mixed martial arts star beat nearly to death tells her side of the story.


The Insane Story of the Guy Who Killed the Guy Who Killed Lincoln

The man who killed John Wilkes Booth was a eunuch. By choice.


Tangled Up in Indigo

The writer’s obsession with a genus of snake known as “indigo.”

Monday, April 13


Following Terry Fox

Tracing the 3,339 miles the Canadian ran in 1980, on one good leg and one prosthetic limb.


The Movie Star and the Missing Totem Pole

John Barrymore once had a totem pole on his Beverly Hills estate. But where did it come from?


Insider Baseball

Joan Didion versus the boys on the bus:

American reporters “like” covering a presidential campaign (it gets them out on the road, it has balloons, it has music, it is viewed as a big story, one that leads to the respect of one’s peers, to the Sunday shows, to lecture fees and often to Washington), which is one reason why there has developed among those who do it so arresting an enthusiasm for overlooking the contradictions inherent in reporting that which occurs only in order to be reported.


The Art of Fiction No. 124: Günter Grass

An interview with the author, who died Monday.


Life, Death and Chemicals

The “zone of sacrifice” that is Oxnard, California, where low-income workers are paying the price for pesticide use and chemical dumping.

Sunday, April 12


Did Alice Crimmins Kill Her Kids?

In 1965, a mother was charged with killing her 5-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter in Queens. Fifty years later, it still isn’t clear if she did it.


Inside the Kremlin’s Hall of Mirrors

Fake news stories. Doctored photographs. Staged TV clips. Armies of paid trolls.