Saturday, May 14


The Ukrainian Hacker Who Became the FBI’s Best Weapon—And Worst Nightmare

In 2001, Maksym Igor Popov defected to work as an informant in the U.S. But a decade later, he was back to scamming the FBI.

Joan Didion on Longform

From the campaign trail to California, Martha Stewart to John Wayne — our favorite essays and profiles by Joan Didion.


The Cat Psychic

“Two weeks before Christmas, I was explaining to a friend in town that if I seemed more distressed than usual, it was just because I was trying to accustom myself to the fact that my cat didn’t want to be my cat anymore. ‘No way,’ she said. ‘Here’s what you do: You just call Dawn.’ And then she gave me the cat psychic’s phone number.”

Rachel Monroe is a Longform contributing editor.

Friday, May 13


Thousands of Police Calls. You Paid the Bills.

The number one place Tampa Bay cops visit: Walmart. And it’s not even close — they average two trips an hour.


Searching for Ground Truth in the Kunduz Hospital Bombing

Who authorized the bombing of a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan, and why?


Butterfly on a Bullet

A 6-part investigation of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.


Meet the Ungers

Thanks to a single court case, the state of Maryland is releasing almost 150 violent offenders who believed they would spend their life behind bars.

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Thursday, May 12


David Gergen, Master of the Game

A profile of the man who helped invent the modern art of presidential spin and came to embody the blurry line between journalist and government official.


The World's Smallest Ukulele

Scenes from a class conflict playing out between millionaires and billionaires on Hawaii’s Big Island.

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Fiction Pick of the Week: "What Will Make It Last"

Unspoken issues grip a couple's dinner along the Mississippi River.


The Most Successful Female Everest Climber of All Time Is a Housekeeper in Hartford, Connecticut

The road to Lhakpa Sherpa’s seventh potential summit​ has been nothing if not complicated.

Wednesday, May 11


The Gangsters on England's Doorstep

In bleak farmlands of East Anglia, the first wave of Eastern European migrants learned exploitation and extortion from their own experiences with day labor. Then they began to prey on fellow immigrants, luring in them into debt and then forcing them to commit crimes to pay it off.