Saturday, October 11


The Spy Who Scammed Us?

Jamie Smith said he was a co-founder of Blackwater and a former CIA officer. He appeared on cable news as a counterterrorism expert and he received millions in goverment contracts to train personnel. The money was real. The resume wasn’t.

Friday, October 10


Love and Ruin

An Afghanistan love story.


The Immigrant Sport

A trip to the U.S. Open of ping-pong.


The Target

A profile of Malala Yousafzai, the young activist from Pakistan who was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Lessons of Atmeh

The complexities of offering aid to a Syrian refugee camp.

Thursday, October 9


The Quirky Allure of 'Twin Peaks'

A digressive consideration of the popular new show.


The Day The Mountain Fell

The reverberations of an avalanche.


The Hidden Sources That Brought Down Nixon in Watergate

Woodward and Bernstein’s other anonymous sources.


Once a Star, a Cricketer Is Now an Exile

A Jamaican cricket legend bowls in Brooklyn.

Wednesday, October 8

Longform Podcast #112: Don Van Natta Jr.

Don Van Natta Jr., a three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, writes for ESPN and is the author of several books, including Wonder Girl.

"The nature of the kind of work I do as an investigative reporter, every story you do is going to get attacked and the tires are going to get kicked. It’s going to get scrutinized down to every phrase and down to every letter. You have to have multiple sources for key facts on this type of story. We set out to get that and we got it."

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