Sunday, September 27


"It's Not So Easy Writing About Nothing"

Attending a meeting of the Continental Drift Club in Berlin.


If They Build It, Will We Come?

The technological future of the struggling porn industry.

Saturday, September 26


Trick Play

Australian Rocky Perone, age 21, made his minor league baseball debut with a stolen base in 1974. Except he wasn’t Australian, wasn’t named Rocky Perone and most definitely wasn’t 21.


How To Get Away With (the Perfect) Murder

Who killed four people in the French Alps?


Far Away From Here

Practicing photography in Switzerland.

Friday, September 25


The Man Who Got No Whammies

The story of how Michael Larson cracked the code of Press Your Luck, winning $104,950 in cash, a sailboat ($1,015), and two all-inclusive trips.


Notes Toward a Theory of Hair

The meanings of coiffure, from follicle to shaft.


How Much of Your Audience Is Fake?

For online advertisers, probably most of it. An investigation.


The Good Soldier

Struggling with depression and thoughts of suicide, Army officer Lawrence Franks went AWOL. Five years later, he reappeared as Christopher Flaherty, a member of the French Foreign Legion who served three tours in Africa. Then he was court-martialed.

Thursday, September 24


What Happens Next Will Amaze You

A talk on personal data and the people who collect it:

"Let me ask a trick question. What was the most damaging data breach in the last 12 months? The trick answer is: it's likely something we don't even know about."

Hitler at Home

How the “genial Bavarian” version of Adolf Hitler became a global media celebrity, “a plain-living gentleman with a soft spot for dogs and children.”