Tuesday, January 26


Baby Doe

Government agencies have been trying to protect children for nearly 200 years. They are still failing.

Monday, January 25


Meet the Man Who Wants to be President, and Then Live Forever

A week on the campaign trail in the coffin-shaped Immortality Bus with Zoltan Istvan, the presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party.


The Sex Machine

The rise of the king of American swingers.


Our Band Should Not Be Your Life

On the road with Quarterbacks, a young band at the bottom of the music industry.


The Epic Fail of Hollywood’s Hottest Algorithm

According to the trades and his pitch to investors, Ryan Kavanaugh had found film business formula that couldn’t lose. It could. Unraveling a Tinseltown Ponzi scheme.

Sunday, January 24


The Dark Underside of the Show-Dog World

“He died like a dog, because he was a dog, but not just any dog.”

The mysterious death of a champion Irish setter.


"His Life Matters"

The story of Akai Gurley before he was killed by a New York City police officer.

Saturday, January 23


Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?

A writer returns home to find a toxic disaster, giant government failure, and countless children exposed to lead.


The Big Cow Con

Arno Smit bilked millions out of Tulare County dairy workers (and at least one wealthy widow). Then he disappeared.


Friday, January 22


Why Is It So Difficult for Syrian Refugees to Get Into the U.S.?

More than 4 million Syrians have fled the war. 2,647 have made it to the United States.