Sunday, November 15


The Mystery of ISIS

How a tattooed video store clerk with a history of drinking and drug use ended up at an Islamic self-help class leading to the birth of ISIS.

Saturday, November 14


True Believer

Kaskade is a 44-year-old devout Mormon father of three who has never touched a drink. He makes over $500,000 a night as an EDM performer.


English Is Not Normal

How English became the weirdest major language in modern use.

Friday, November 13


How the World's Biggest Bookie was Snared

Paul Phua rose from a Borneo numbers runner to being the biggest bookmaker in the world. Then he found poker.


Can Sylvia Earle Save the Oceans?

“As the world’s best-known oceanographer—Sylvia is to our era what Jacques Cousteau was to an earlier one—she feels a heavy responsibility. In her lifetime, she has seen the ocean damaged in ways humans never thought it could be. The ongoing disaster leaves her mournful, desolate, and sometimes scary to talk to. Since her first dive, in a sponge-diver’s helmet in a Florida river when she was 16, she has spent 7,000 hours, or the better part of a year, underwater.”


Life and Death in a Troubled Teen Boot Camp

A reckless billion-dollar industry that occasionally kills.


After Rehabilitation, the Best of Michael Phelps May Lie Ahead

Michael Phelps returns to his Olympic training after a 45-day stint at The Meadows.

Thursday, November 12


The New Negro

“Missy (Misdemeanor) Elliott, the twenty-five-year-old hip-hop performer who is energetically redefining the boundaries of rap music, is a singer, a songwriter, an arranger, a producer, and a talent scout. Six months ago, few people outside the music industry had heard of her; six months from now, it will be necessary to pretend that you’ve known about Missy Elliott for years.”


How Do You Forgive A Murder?

The ongoing question of forgiveness in Charleston, where Dylann Roof opened fire in a church on June 17th.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Suitors"

A story of high school, sexuality, and tagging; from Puerto del Sol's first online issue.


The Bizarre Scheme to Transform a Remote Island into the New Dubai

What happens when an impoverished island nation enters into a deal to sell its own citizenship in bulk.