Monday, February 1


Sunday, January 31


Death of a Troll

The story behind an online gamer’s suicide.


The Parrots of Serenity Park

The surprising bond between damaged birds and traumatized veterans.

Saturday, January 30


Welcome to America — Now Spy on Your Friends

For immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, applications for visas, asylum, green cards, and naturalization can take decades. Unless you’re willing to be an informant for the FBI.


Who Knows Best

Should having an intellectual disability disqualify a mother from raising her child?


A Guy Like Me

John Scott is a hockey enforcer — he makes his living fighting, not scoring goals. Scott wasn’t supposed to make the NHL. He certainly wasn’t supposed to make the all-star game. But when the fans voted him in, the league tried to keep him on the bench.

Friday, January 29


The Great Whiskey Heist

How a distillery worker in Kentucky stole hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bourbon, one barrel at a time.

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Joan Didion on Longform

From the campaign trail to California, Martha Stewart to John Wayne — our favorite essays and profiles by Joan Didion.


On Self-Respect

An essay on understanding our character, worth, and limits.


Making a Murderer in Uganda

Kidnapped by rebels when he was 9, Dominic Ongwen grew up to command fighters who slaughtered, raped, and pillaged. Is he guilty of heinous crimes or was he a hostage the whole time?


A Fighter’s Hour of Need

An account of the 60 minutes after a heavyweight fight at Madison Square Garden that left one boxer with permanent brain damage.

Thursday, January 28


The Unlikely Revolutionary

A father’s search for meaning and justice five years after his son was killed during the Tahrir Square uprising.