Monday, November 2


Friend of the Devil

The writer reconnects with an old acquaintance who ten years earlier committed one of the most notorious crimes in New York history.


The Greatest Boat Race Ever Dreamed Up Over Beers

An ocean race from the Olympic Peninsula to Alaska, with no motors allowed.


The Mother of All Questions

On the stories we tell ourselves about happiness and the indecent questions we ask women who decided not to become moms.


Big Pothead vs. Big Pot

In what will likely be his last political act, Willie Nelson declares war on corporate marijuana.

Sunday, November 1


An IM Infatuation Turned to Romance. Then the Truth Came Out.

He was an 18 year old Marine bound for Iraq. She was a high school senior in West Virginia. They grew intimate over IM. His dad also started contacting her.  No one was who they claimed to be and it led to a murder.


They Burn Witches Here

A trip to Papua New Guinea, “an island caught between the ancient world and 2015.”


Winning Isn’t Everything

On Republican consultant John Weaver and the art of political seduction.

Saturday, October 31


Taylor Swift Runs the World

A conversation with “the most popular human alive.”


Mr. Bad News

A profile of New York Times obituary writer Alden Whitman.


Why Are Sports Bras So Terrible?

The first sports bra was invented in 1977. It was two jockstraps sewn together.

Friday, October 30


One Day at Panda Express

How a fast-food restaurant does business.