Sunday, February 8


Some Different Ways of Looking at Selma

The dramatic liberties a much-heralded film takes with historical fact show how hard it is to get complexity onto the big screen.


How Men's Rights Leader Paul Elam Turned Being A Deadbeat Dad Into A Moneymaking Movement

An investigation into the past of a prominent voice in the men’s rights movement.


Precious Memories

On former North Carolina basketball coach Dean Smith, who died Saturday, and his battle with dementia.


Who Killed the Gangster’s Daughter?

The life and mysterious death of writer Susan Berman.


The Reddest Carpet

The surreal pageantry of the North Korean Film Festival makes Hollywood look demure.

Saturday, February 7


When Will We Stop Punishing Working Women for Having Babies?

America’s pregnancy leave policies – or lack thereof – continue to bear no relationship to the reality of being pregnant. It’s time for something to give.


A Life on the Edge

How Billy Walters, the world’s most successful gambler, keeps winning.

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Darkness Visible

A novelist’s memoir of depression, whose “intrinsic malevolence” as a disease brought him close to suicide.

Friday, February 6


Bronx Beauty

A writer befriends a street addict in the Bronx – and then takes her back to her mother in Oklahoma.


My Dad, the Pornographer

How the author’s father wrote over 400 pieces of “pirate porn, ghost porn, science-fiction porn, vampire porn, historical porn, time-travel porn, secret-agent porn, thriller porn, zombie porn and Atlantis porn.”


"I Wouldn’t Mind If He Was Executed"

The transcript of chats between Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht and a man he believes to be a Hell’s Angel who agrees to supply “hitters” to carry out 5 assassinations.