Friday, March 27


Take These Broken Wings

An athlete without arms or legs tries to get a spot on a the national wheelchair rugby team.

Thursday, March 26


The Ad-Rock Retirement Plan

The former Beastie Boy, 48, tries to figure out what’s next.


The Children of ISIS

Three siblings from Chicago ran away to become jihadis. Is it fair to try them as terrorists?


Fiction Pick of the Week: "The Extra Mile"

A woman in an unhappy marriage stumbles toward change.

"Without turning the radio on, Hannah drove back into town and into the driveway of her house. She sat there in the car for a long while and ran through the drive with Tex over and over. She wanted to go back and stop herself from touching his leg. She wanted to go back and stop herself from driving there in the first place. She wanted to go back and stop the day from ever starting."


Exonerated and Out of Prison — and That’s When the Trouble Starts

After DNA test cleared Clarence Harrison of a crime he didn’t commit, he was released from prison and awarded $1 million. But the redemption story he tells publicly hides a more complicated reality.

Wednesday, March 25


Fixed Menu

The most coveted items on the prison menu are salt and pepper packets.

Longform Podcast #134: Dayna Tortorici

Dayna Tortorici is the editor of n+1.

“You can't fetishize conflict so much. Because conflict does generate a lot of good work, but it also inhibits a lot of good work. I think people do their best work when they feel good. Or at least don't feel like shit. ... So I've tried to create a culture of mutual encouragement. Especially when you're not paying anybody, that's all you can really offer.”

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Mithradates of Fond du Lac

A weekend with the only person on Earth who can survive five venomous snakebites in 48 hours.


Life Lines

Lonnie Sue Johnson is an artist who can’t retain a memory for longer than a minute or two.

Tuesday, March 24


The Troubled, Tormented, Surprisingly Lucky Life of Michael Graham

What happened to one of the most hated basketball players in NCAA history after playing a single season at Georgetown.


Moscow: Opulent, Overwhelming, and Pulsing With Power

It’s the “City of the Big Automobile,” raw and beautiful at once.


The Girls on Shit Duty

Cleaning up after the fisherman at a remote lodge in Northern Ontario.