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Sunday, September 28


It’s Silly to Be Frightened of Being Dead

The author, age 96, on the end.


Crimetown, U.S.A.

The corruption of Congressman James Traficant.

Saturday, September 27


To Cook or Not to Cook? The Answer Is Obvious.

An argument for ordering in, among other things.


The Human Factor

On the crash of Air France Flight 447.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Reflections on Villaplane"

A French soccer star’s rise and fall from sports to cons to the Nazi Party.

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Using So Little

On the importance of skateboarding.

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Friday, September 26


The Uncatchable

He’s spent decades dodging the law. He’s escaped from jail twice by helicopter. He’s given millions to the poor. The story of how Vassilis Paleokostas, Greece’s most wanted man, became a folk hero.


“Your Future Is Very Dark”

On former CIA agent John T. Downey, who spent more than 20 years in China as the longest held American captive of war.


Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash

When Carmen Segarra was hired to examine Goldman Sachs for the New York Fed, she bought a small recorder and began taping her meetings. Here is what she found before she was fired.

Listen to the radio version of this story from This American Life.