Who Wants to Be a Cop?

After a reckoning over policing in America, 30 recruits enroll at the academy.

  1. The New Recruits

    “I want to be the change.”

  2. Pepper Spray

    “This could happen to you.”

  3. Walmart

    “What did you think this job was?”

  4. The Shoot House

    “Just like that: Bang! You’re dead.”

  5. Cop Cars

    “Love the aggression.”

  6. The Run

    “Get him to the grass!”

  7. Bloody Friday

    “You change when you become a cop.”

  8. End of Watch

    “One family! One fight!”

  9. Epilogue

    After the academy, new officers meet real-world challenges.

To Shed a Cage

Hamid Abd-Al-Jabbar and David Thompson bonded in juvenile detention in the 1980s, then spent most of the next 40 years in prison. When they emerged from one of the country’s most unforgiving state penal systems, their friendship proved crucial.