How Does a 10-Year-Old Boy End Up Hanging to Death?

A tragic suicide from 1989 may have been something even more sinister.

  1. Hanging

    The mysterious case of the boy in the barn.

  2. Presuming

    Fellow deputies and the questions not asked.

  3. Connecting

    How suspicions passed from woman to woman.

  4. Confronting

    A quest to ask K.W. the hard questions, at last.

  5. Hurting

    Who abused Josh Klaver – and who know about it?

  6. Reckoning

    A closed case, a search for peace.

Wrong Way

Kids say it’s fun to take cars. They brag to each other about how many they’ve stolen and the sleekest models they’ve sped away in. They say they are bored and that it’s easy, sharing videos of themselves driving at 120 miles per hour. They smile with key fobs, offering rides on Facebook. But all of the biggest car thieves had something to run from.

How Peter Thiel's Secretive Data Company Pushed Into Policing

“These documents show how Palantir applies Silicon Valley’s playbook to domestic law enforcement. New users are welcomed with discounted hardware and federal grants, sharing their own data in return for access to others’. When enough jurisdictions join Palantir’s interconnected web of police departments, government agencies, and databases, the resulting data trove resembles a pay-to-access social network—a Facebook of crime that’s both invisible and largely unaccountable to the citizens whose behavior it tracks.”