Who Wants to Be a Cop?

After a reckoning over policing in America, 30 recruits enroll at the academy.

  1. The New Recruits

    “I want to be the change.”

  2. Pepper Spray

    “This could happen to you.”

  3. Walmart

    “What did you think this job was?”

  4. The Shoot House

    “Just like that: Bang! You’re dead.”

  5. Cop Cars

    “Love the aggression.”

  6. The Run

    “Get him to the grass!”

  7. Bloody Friday

    “You change when you become a cop.”

  8. End of Watch

    “One family! One fight!”

  9. Epilogue

    After the academy, new officers meet real-world challenges.

We Are All Witnesses

The private grief of Samaria Rice, twenty months after her son Tamir was killed.

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“Don’t forget. You see all these protests. That’s good. You see this whole movement. That’s good. You see all these different people with all these different agendas. You see celebrities making speeches. But underneath it all there’s somebody like me with a dead son.”

Fiction Pick of the Week: "Ghosts & Cyborgs"

Loss and family in an era of police crime and black protests.

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"Guilt racked Lois as she downed the last of her coffee. She had promised Jillian she’d go to church with her whenever the verdict came; they were supposed to mourn together. The thing was, even as they were having the conversation, Lois knew she wasn’t going. Something about the thought felt hollow and wrong. How could she embrace people inside the comforts of stained glass when, outside, folks were fighting a foul battle?"