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The Longform Guide to George Saunders

This guide is sponsored by George Saunders's Tenth of December, the acclaimed short story collection published this year by Random House. A National Book Award Finalist and one of The New York Times Book Review's Top 10 of 2013, Tenth of December has been hailed by critics as "an irresistible mix of humor and humanity," "a visceral and moving act of storytelling," and "a feat of inventiveness."</p>

It's really, really good. Makes for a great gift, too. Buy it today.

Should you need further convincing, here is a collection of classic Saunders stories, both fiction and non-fiction, from our archive:</em>

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Buy Tenth of December today:</p>

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The Longform Guide to Peter Kaplan

The Longform Guide to Thanksgiving

Compiled by Tim Maddocks.

The Longform Guide to Sex Work

Compiled by Elon Green, a contributing editor at Longform, and Josephine H., an editor at Tits and Sass, who has been stripping and writing in Detroit for over 10 years.

Sponsor: Warby Parker's Guide to Impostors

This guide is sponsored by Warby Parker, which sells $95 glasses with prescription lenses included. Check out their Fall 2013 Collection for some last-minute costume inspiration—in the right frames, you can be quite a fright. <imgsrc="" border=0 width=1 height=1 alt="">

Andy Ward Picks His Favorite Articles

Andy Ward, this week’s Longform Podcast guest, was an editor at GQ and Esquire for fourteen years, working with George Saunders, David Sedaris, Jeanne Marie Laskas and many more along the way. Here are his favorite articles from that era:

Sponsor: The EA SPORTS FIFA 14 Guide to Soccer Legends

Our sponsor this week is the brand-new EA SPORTS FIFA 14, the latest installment of a game that has been killing productivity at Longform HQ for years now. FIFA is, without question, our absolute favorite way to waste time. We would be playing it right now if we weren't writing this.</p>

To honor this week's release—you can pick up your copy on Amazon—here's a collection of great soccer writing from our archive.</i>

The Longform Guide to George Plimpton

A collection of stories by and about George Plimpton, who died 10 years ago this week.

The Issuu Guide to Fashion Media Icons

This guide is sponsored by Issuu, the world's fastest growing digital publishing platform. Issuu's publishers include the biggest names in fashion, lifestyle, art, sports, and global affairs. And many more publications are created by people just like you.

Tonight, one of those publishers, The Daily Front Row, is hosting the first annual Fashion Media Awards at Fashion Week. Eight of the fashion industry's most powerful and influential people will be honored. Tomorrow, The Daily Front Row will publish its annual Media Issue, which you can read on Issuu.</i>

Until then, check out these classic profiles of fashion media icons:

Sponsor: Nate Anderson's Guide to Internet Crime

This guide is sponsored by </i>The Internet Police: How Crime Went Online, and the Cops Followed</b></a>, the new book from Ars Technica Deputy Editor Nate Anderson.</p>

A excerpt from </i>The Internet Police is available on Longform. Already read it? Here's a collection of Nate's all-time favorite internet crime stories.

The Longform Guide to Craigslist Crime

Sponsor: The Warby Parker Guide to Black Eyes and Secret Societies

This guide is sponsored by Warby Parker, which sells $95 glasses with prescription lenses included. Directed by Philip Andelman, their newest television commercial is a Kinks-scored ode to New York literary life.

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The Longform Guide to Crime Writing in Rolling Stone