The Longform Guide to Weed

Stories from our archive about how marijuana is grown, bought, sold, smuggled, and smoked.

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The Longform Guide to Adaptations

The Perfect Storm, Argo and Dog Day Afternoon — a collection of great articles that became (mostly) great movies.

The Longform Guide to Debt

A collection of picks about cities, nations, athletes, and writers going broke.

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Compiled by Robyn Coggins. Photo from Shutterstock.

The Longform Guide to Snow

A collection of picks on Montreal's plow racket, what it’s like to freeze to death, the wilds of eastern Siberia and more.

The 2017 National Magazine Award Winners

The National Magazine Award Finalists: Essays and Criticism

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The Longform Guide to Wine

Red, white, expensive, cheap, fake, poisoned.

The Longform Guide to Diaries

Nina Simone, Guantánamo’s youngest prisoner, and a murderous college student — a collection of articles based on private journals.

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Compiled by Elon Green.

The Longform Guide to Silence

Articles about meditation, solitude, and the quietest square inch in America.

The Longform Guide to Imposters

The Longform Guide to Bob Dylan

Three of our favorite articles on the latest Nobel Prize winner.

The Longform Guide to "Anonymous"

The Longform Guide: Lost at Sea

Perfect storms, drunken dares, and a man who sailed his house — a collection of our favorite articles about castaways.

The Longform Guide to Bank Heists

The most prolific duo in history, the Texas woman who robbed banks dressed a pudgy cowboy, and the story that inspired Dog Day Afternon — a collection of our favorite stories about bank robberies.

The Longform Guide to Hillary Clinton

From her early political career to the challenges she's faced in 2016 — a reading list on the Democratic nominee for president.

The Longform Guide to Standup Comedy

Picks on Carlin, Seinfeld, Rivers, Pryor and more.

The Longform Guide to the Brain

Experimental neuroscience, everlasting consciousness, and conjoined minds — our favorite articles about the brain.

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Compiled by Robyn K. Coggins

The Longform Guide to High School

From football fields in Texas to the real Ridgemont High, a collection of picks to help remember a time you might rather forget.

The Longform Guide to Sad Retired Athletes

Iverson, Canseco, TO, and DiMaggio — a collection of picks on post-career woe.

The Longform Guide to Road Trips

Our favorite stories about hitting the road.

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Compiled by Elon Green.

The Longform Guide to Manhunts

Stories about looking for people who don't want to be found.

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Compiled by Gretchen Gavett and Elon Green.

The Longform Guide to Undercover Journalism

Stories from inside slaughterhouses, car dealerships, and an 1800s insane asylum.

The Longform Guide to Gambling

A collection of picks about the best and worst bettors in the world.